Special Edition Vehicle Emblems Launched for MINI and Volkswagen


Lake Forest, CA When it comes to special edition vehicles, the excitement is in the details.


If you look closely at the new 2020 Passat Limited Edition or the Ice Blue and Starlight Special Editions from MINI, you’ll find custom touches that were produced right here in our Lake Forest, California facilities.

Our latest programs with Volkswagen and MINI kicked off in 2015 and 2017 respectively, although our expertise in custom emblems and vehicle badges dates back to company’s founding in 1982.

Most recently, we’ve produced three generations of front and rear trunk emblems for limited edition Volkswagen Passat and Tiguan models, as well as custom color wheel centers for five waves of MINI special edition vehicles.


The challenge was to design an emblem that not only met corporate brand standards, but also exceeded requirements for long term exterior use and weather testing.

Our emblems feature an alloy base and high-resolution graphics encapsulated beneath a clear UV resistant polyurethane dome, ensuring the precision graphics will never fade or scratch.

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