Family owned and operated, we have led the industry as a top supplier of automotive accessories to U.S. auto manufacturers since 1982. Today we proudly serve over 40 automotive OEMs and many corporations and small businesses, providing custom accessories from our Southern California production and distribution facilities.



In today's marketplace where just about everything is of inferior quality and imported, it might be comforting to know our custom license plate frames and other promotional products come direct to you from our facilities here in Lake Forest, California.

This rarity allows us to offer two things that seem to be overlooked right after you place your order - quality and service. For more than thirty five years we have made these two forgotten business principles our company policy, and we have benefited from the many repeat customers that appreciate this old, but fresh approach to doing business.

Camisasca Automotive Servco Lexus Honolulu License Plate Frame
What can I say? The quality of your products and service is second to none! Your competitors definitely have their work cut out for them. The blanket order has streamlined the ordering process for us and we never have to worry about running low on inventory with it. Thanks again for the exceptional level of service you provide.
— Servco Lexus of Honolulu

The difference is quality

We stand out among the competition because our products come direct from our own state-of-the-art facilities, where the highest quality materials are transformed by skilled craftsmen and advanced processes.

Attention to detail purveys the value chain, as all Camisasca products must pass rigorous exterior testing to meet automotive industry standards. Componentry and flexible equipment capabilities ensure competitive pricing, yet allows us to offer unique levels of customization.

Our safety stock management system for our standard line enables us to fulfill short-run specialty or promotional orders to meet our tightest deadlines. We embrace these aspects of our business because it's our livelihood and we wouldn't put our names on it otherwise. 

Camisaca Automotive Manufacturing Facility

Sustainable, responsible business

When designing our first frames for the automotive OEM marketplace, we needed a solution that was elegant and durable. By constructing our frames from high quality 304 stainless steel and polishing them to a brilliant, mirror bright finish, we can guarantee our frames will last through a minimum of four years of exterior use, and ensure our frame materials are 98% recyclable - creating less waste than cheap plastic frames needing frequent replacement.

We use only 100% recyclable PET and paper-based materials in our retail packaging. Our recyclable shipping containers have also been designed for a snug fit with our products, reducing the need for package fillers. When we do use box fillers, we use water soluble Eco Peanuts.

Our procedures were also developed with the planet in mind. Our office buildings feature energy efficient equipment and lighting, and we use products such as Simple Green to minimize our environmental impact during every step of production. Our scrap materials are recycled or repurposed, and other environmentally friendly manufacturing processes ensure we meet the highest standards.

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