OEM Aftersales Boosted By New Accessory Port Inclusion Programs


Lake Forest, CALicense plate frame port inclusion programs, or the strategy of fitting vehicles with OE genuine accessories at the port before delivery, have been gaining popularity thanks to the boost they provide to aftersales market penetration, sales, and profit.


In many cases, high quality frames, valve stem caps or gift sets will be incorporated into larger preferred option or protection packages. The options are introduced at the port before vehicle is delivered, creating an invisible, optimized experience for the customer, and higher profits per vehicle for the OEM and dealership.

License plate frame port inclusion programs provide countless advantages to automakers. Greater vehicle dependability means that customers may not be introduced to genuine accessories until 6-12 months after delivery. Since state plates generally arrive within 30 days, customers have a minimum of 5 months to fall victim to inferior aftermarket accessories.


By incorporating genuine OE frames, automakers are able to get to customers before the aftermarket does – protecting and preserving the corporate identity and increasing aftersales penetration and profit per vehicle.

Our port inclusion programs have been successful with a wide range of OEMs, including Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Maserati, Aston Martin and BMW.

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