United States License Plate Frame Regulations

Lake Forest, CALicense plate and frame regulation breakdown by state, to help you choose the best license plate frame style based on your location.


Choosing the perfect license plate frame is essential for every automotive enthusiast. We manufacture 3 frame styles: slimline, semi wide bottom, and wide bottom. Each state has its own regulations for what portions of the license plate can be covered, so we made it easy for you to determine which style your state allows:

  • States colored DARK GREY allow ALL of our frame styles.

  • States colored LIGHT GREY allow SLIMLINE and SEMI WIDE BOTTOM styles.

  • States colored RED only allow SLIMLINE style license plate frames.

Blank Frame Grouping.jpg

front and rear plate map.jpg

We have created a color coded map for reference regarding current regulations regarding license plates by state:

  • All states that are colored red require both front and rear license plates.

  • States colored grey only require rear license plates.

Before purchasing a license plate frame from us we recommend checking with your local DMV to ensure the frame style is acceptable. License plate frame laws and regulations update regularly per state, and the above information may no longer be current. Our statements represent the information to the best of our knowledge, but are in no way to be taken as absolute. When in doubt, contact your local authorities.