Camisasca Automotive Announces No-Drill License Plate Frame Mounting Solution For Luxury Vehicles

LAKE FOREST, CA, AUGUST 2019 – Camisasca Automotive’s new license plate frame mounting solution may make drilling holes a thing of the past.

The premier manufacturer of stainless steel license plate frames is now accepting pre-orders of their new patent-pending Ferrari 488 front tow hook license plate mount. A permanent solution which requires no drilling or marring of the front bumper fascia, this new mounting system is the perfect alternative for Ferrari dealers in States requiring front license plates. Not sure if your region falls within these DMV requirements? Below is a link to those States requiring single or dual license plates for point of record:

Camisasca Tow Hook Mount
Camisasca Tow Hook Mount

Our multi-point adjustable mounting plate is constructed from a combination of black exterior grade ABS, and double type II tooling grade anodized CNC aluminum. As a result, our Tow Eye License Plate Mounting Brackets offer durable exterior performance that resists sun exposure, road debris, scratching, and wear from frequent washing. Each bracket comes complete and ready to install with rust proof stainless steel mounting hardware and mounting-assistant Allen wrench. Easy to follow mounting instructions and fitment diagram come standard.

The design uses the existing tow eye threaded mounting hole found on most vehicles behind a small flip out cover eliminating the need for drilling or modification of the vehicle’s bumper or painted surface. Once installed the system provides 48 degrees of adjustability to ensure a tight unobtrusive fit to the bumper line’s natural curve. Thanks to clever compact engineering, overall protrusion is less than 2” from the vehicle’s surface.

CAM Inc’s CEO Henry P. Camisasca shared the following remarks on his design inspiration:

I realized most of us car guys do not wish to be drilling holes into the front bumper line of our beautiful vehicles to install front license plates. We needed a solution to display a license plate in a tasteful way while meeting local State DMV requirements. Hence I tasked our design team to create what we believe is the easiest and cleanest looking way to hang a license plate onto the front of your cherished vehicle.
Ferrari with Camisasca Tow Hook Mount

Camisasca’s Tow Eye Mounting Bracket is unique to other assemblies found elsewhere in its size, function, durability and cost. Made from lightweight yet durable materials, the finished product adds only minimal overhang weight to your vehicle, while remaining resilient to exterior use. While others may enlist the support of complicated systems to create a compact design with inherently expensive machining, ours uses simple parts and motion mechanics to achieve the same results with less machine time required.

CAM Inc. looks forward to launching the new Ferrari 488 tow eye license plate mount bracket this Fall, with a complete assembly starting at wholesale pricing of only $72.85 each in retail display hang packaging. Minimum order quantities start at only three units. Other vehicle makes and models Tow Eye License Plate Brackets will follow shortly.

For more information, contact or visit for your specific vehicle needs and for volume discounts.