Our flagship product, supplied under private label to the world's most prestigious companies.  This stainless steel, Nameplate License Plate Frame features a elegant design, graphic flexibility, and incredible durability.  From a longevity standpoint, we not only engineer and manufacture to exceptionally high standards, but we even test our license plate frames in a variety of laboratory test to verify unparalleled quality.  As such, we are able to offer the industry leading, 4 year warranty.

  • The stainless steel variants are available in three different finishes; Polished Mirror Bright Stainless Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Black Powder Coat Stainless Steel.
  • Available in two or four mounting hole frame styles that fit all 12” x 6” US and Canadian plates without blocking registration tags.
  • Frames feature custom recessed short or long nameplate styles with up to four colors on white, silver, or black background.
  • A highly durable, UV and scratch resistant coating seals in the graphics for a exceptionally glossy, durable image.
Brushed stainless steel license plate frame, featuring a high gloss black, high gloss silver, and red nameplate graphic.
Polished stainless steel license plate frame, featuring a high gloss silver, and black nameplate graphic.
Black powdercoat stainless steel license plate frame, featuring a black, high gloss silver, white, and red nameplate graphic.
Genuine carbon fiber composite license plate frame.  Unparalleled fit, finish, and longevity.

Genuine Carbon Fiber Composite License Plate Frames

  • Produced to unparalleled standards, our carbon fiber composite license plate frames are the finest quality in the world.
  • UV resistant coating prevents yellowing and clouding.
  • Exceptional production processes ensure a straight weave, with no distortion
  • Beautifully finished in a highly durable, protective clear coat.  No pits, voids, or bubbles.
  • Excellent dimensional stability ensures proper fitment, no warpage, and/or alignment issues.
  • Nameplate graphic shown above features high gloss silver, and black.  Color graphics also available.