Camisasca Automotive Sets New License Plate Screw Cover Design Standard with 3rd Generation Hardware Hider Caps


LAKE FOREST, CA, FEBRUARY 2019 – From the leading manufacturer of premium stainless steel license plate frames comes a new patent pending license plate screw cover cap design. Building upon the previous generation of screw covers, the new patent pending design is easier to install and remove, more secure, and seamless from every angle.

The redesign was driven by customer feedback and inspired by CAM Inc.’s experience developing mounting hardware solutions through their OEM vehicle manufacturer supply programs.

CAM Inc.’s President and Founder, Henry Camisasca, explains the inspiration behind the new launch:

The objective of this new design was to create a universal cap that is simple for customers to install, yet secure enough to withstand years of exterior use and car washes. Our 3rd generation caps feature a unique two-piece design that threads together, instead of the traditional snap-to-close system. This patent pending design takes the hassle out of installing the caps; simply twist it into place and the internal thread stop will do the rest. No tools, no fuss, and no risk of overtightening. Threaded caps stay secure on the vehicle until removed again by hand, and can be reused many times. We are confident this newest hardware hider cap design will exceed our customer expectations and be the new quality standard for this product line.

In addition to being easier to install and more secure, the new caps are also remarkably low profile thanks to the unique two-piece threaded design, which screws together seamlessly without any snapping or elaborate closure system to add bulk.

Like the previous generation, the new caps are made from durable exterior grade ABS plastic and are sized to accommodate all mounting screws under 1/2”, or up to a #14 screw. Exterior grade finishes come standard to match all Camisasca Automotive license plate frames including chrome, satin and black.

CAM Inc. looks forward to launching the new hardware hider caps to OEMs and aftermarket wholesale accounts beginning in Summer of 2019.

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